Daniela Brunner, PhD, Board Director and President 

Dr. Brunner is the Founder and President of Early Signal Foundation. Dr. Brunner received her PhD from Cambridge University, did post-doctoral work at Columbia University, and had a lab at CUNY before joining PsychoGenics Inc. in 1999 as Director R&D, and later as Senior Vice President, until 2015. Dr. Brunner worked on developmental, psychiatric and neurodegenerative disease models for +20 years; she introduced computer vision and machine learning techniques to the study of behavioral signatures for phenotyping, drug screening and systems biology projects. Working with the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, Dr. Brunner set up a consortium of industry and academia to accelerate the development of therapeutics for this devastating disorder. As head of the Early Signal Foundation Dr. Brunner aims to establish analytical systems that integrate human behavioral and “omics” readouts for health care and monitoring in rare disorders, focusing on data passively captured with wearable sensors. 

Magali Haas, MD, PhD, Board Director and Treasurer

Dr. Haas is the Chief Executive Officer and President at Cohen Veterans Bioscience. Cohen Veterans Bioscience (formerly Orion Bionetworks Inc.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit research organization dedicated to improving the detection and treatment of PTS and TBI and related co-morbidities through cutting-edge research, so the burden of these conditions may be lessened on service members, veterans, and their families. Dr. Haas was previously Chief Science and Technology Officer for One Mind for Research, Partner at Janssen R&D Innovation, and Head of CNS Integrative Solutions at Johnson & Johnson.

Theresa Frangiosa, MBA, Board Director and Secretary

Theresa Frangiosa is Principal and CEO of Frangiosa & Associates, LLC, a healthcare strategy firm.  She is Board Secretary for Cohen Veterans Bioscience and Board Director for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Theresa Frangiosa held executive positions in the pharmaceutical industry over a 25 year career before establishing Frangiosa and Associates, LLC in 2013.  She received her MBA in Pharmaceutical Marketing from St. Joseph’s University.  She is a Dementia patient caregiver and has been active in the Brain Disorder advocacy community for several years.  

Steve Kaminsky, PhD, Director

Dr. Kaminsky is the Chief Science Officer of Rettsyndrome.org. Dr. Kaminsky joined the Foundation in January of 2012.  He came to the Foundation after serving 11 years as the Vice President of Research for the Uniformed Services of the Health Sciences. He received a Masters of Science Degree in biology from Northern Michigan University, and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pathology from the SUNY at Buffalo, where he received two national awards for his post-doctoral work; the Mead Johnson Award for Excellence in Research and the James A. McLaughlin Award. He was appointed in 1985 to the rank of Assistant Professor at the University of Buffalo. In 1991 Dr. Kaminsky the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development where he received an NIH Merit Award for his efforts. In 1995 Dr. Kaminsky was invited to the Baylor College of Medicine as the Vice Chairman of the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics at the Baylor College of Medicine.  At Baylor he was part of the team that built the Department into one of the largest Genetics Program in the United States.