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Analytical Platform.  At Early Signal we have developed a proprietary data analytics platform that in concert with existing wearable and home sensor technology can create a subject-specific idiosyncratic healthcare status. Our analytics suite is agnostic to the type of data, and handles unstructured, continuous and passive data from any wearable or home sensor without bias. The analytics suite can be tuned to construct disease signatures at both the group and individual level and queried to find clinical predictors. We use ensemble informatics, which means that rather than developing a specific algorithm for a specific disorder, the system relies on a conglomerate of algorithms that can be integrated into a unique solution. We envision our technology can be used in hospitals, clinical trials and in telehealth to augment existing therapies and predict adverse events. Through our data individuals will have the ability to continuously track their health status. Subsequently this will inform and empower both patients and caregivers by regaining control over medical decisions.

Please contact us if you are interested in our analytical services, including partnerships, grant writing advice, analytical advise, help with your device validations, hardware and analytics validation, or any other clinical application of technology and AI.

Due to our extensive work in the preclinical area we also offer consulting for projects in behavioral neuroscience and electrophysiology with a focus on experimental design, analysis of data, and interpretation.

Consequently, disease progression and relapse are often allowed to proceed too far before they are detected, compromising the possibility of any effective treatment.  For the Parkinson's patient, this can mean becoming refractory to the few drug treatments that are currently available; for the brain cancer victim, the difference may be between life and death.

Real-time and individualized disease monitoring is central to rapidly evolving medical sciences and technologies, but for the vast majority of patients, disease progression and treatment are currently being monitored only in an irregular and discontinuous fashion.

We aim to offer disruptive technologies that will open up patient healthcare data silos for the benefit of humankind

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